Celebrating Acrostics!

Helping puzzle lovers everywhere explore the world of Acrostic Puzzles…

Acrostic puzzles have been around a long time, but they are now starting to engage a broader audience. Built around quotes and their authors, the puzzles have a similarity to crossword puzzles, but are effectively three puzzles in one: solve each of the individual clues, which stand alone and are often fun and interesting, and then you’ve solved what is (hopefully) a unique, insightful, or humorous quote. Finally, the first letters of each of the individual clue answers reveals the author and source of the quote.

Some have compared acrostics to crosswords as the difference between chess and checkers: a similar flow to the game, but with differences in nuance and complexity. If you are new to acrostics, check out the guide for solving them, and then give some samples a try and see what you think. For those who already love these fun and interesting puzzles, check out the listing of acrostic puzzle builders and find new avenues to challenge yourself.