Sample Puzzles

New to Acrostics? Explore a fun and challenging word puzzle, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Here’s a printable sample from Cynthia Morris:

Here’s a sample from Steven Blakely:

Try solving through your web browser at Sue Gleason’s Double Crostic website: (click Play Double Crostic on the upper left menu)

Also through your web browser, here are two samples from Michael Dickman’s Acrostica puzzles:

Sample one and two page puzzles are available here:

The Drapers Guild website has many full-length acrostics available for free, developed by Denkof Zwemmen :

John Keirnan runs, which features many, many puzzles by many constructors, all freely available and solved using internet-based software or printed:

A few samples for printing available at

Many NY Times acrostics can be found here: